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About us 
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      Shanghai Yuhu Stainless Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. Our company has high quality research staff and advanced production equipments, for example, cold rolling equipment, bull block drawing machine, super-long bright annealing furnace, cold-drawing unit and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. All these are solid foundation for market development and product up-gradation. We provide various specifications of seamless coil pipe, bright annealing pipe, electrolysis pipe, gauge pipe, splice tube and cable products in several brands. Our products are widely applied in petrochemical, spaceflight, medical, semiconductor, laboratory, stem cells, photoelectricity, electronic, liquid crystal display, analytical instrument industry. Our products maintain high market share.
      Product outer diameter: 0.6mm-219mm;
      Wall thickness: 0.05mm--20mm;
      Material: 304L, TP304H, TP316H, 347H, TP316/316L, 310S, 410, 420, 2205, titanium tube, GH3128, GH3030,GH3039, 904L,825,625,600, monel 400 seamless straight pipe and seamless coil pipe, 800H high temperature alloy, corrosion resistant alloy, 253MA dual-phase steel, 316LMOD, Ni 6, HC276,C22,HCB2,718,690,17-4PH.
      Our company strictly implements GB/T14976-2002, 14975-2002, 13296-2007, ASTM A312 , A213, A269, JIS, DIN standard. We ensure product quality on basis of leading technology and management. And we return customers with high reputation. In addition, we actively develop new varieties relying on new technology and new material.
      In future, we will serve wide users with better products and complete service insisting on principle of “excellent quality and high reputation”. Our company warmly welcomes new and old customers to visit us. We expect to create brilliance together with you!


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